served tuesday-friday from 9am-2:30pm

please note that this is a sample menu and may differ from today’s offerings

Charcuterie / Cheese

Charcuterie Plate with accompaniments….6.5 each / 19 for all 3

Walnut Keep Pork + Parsley Terrine pickled shallots, arugula, grilled country bread….14

Cheeses with accompaniments….6.5 each / 19 for all 3

b r e a k f a s t + l u n c h plates

housemade PECAN + MAPLE GRANOLA bowl Straus Family yogurt, honey and fresh fruit

Rancho Gordo bean TOSTADAS “Midnight” beans, cabbage, radish, cotija cheese, cilantro, salsa verde, avocado

BAKED OATMEAL nectarines, berries, cinnamon, walnuts, maple syrup and warm cream

housemade BAGEL + LOX  red onion, avocado, arugula, capers, cream cheese

Dave’s GRANOLA WAFFLE butter, maple-agave syrup

SOUTH A SCRAMBLE (served with toast) farm eggs, bacon, zucchini, crimini mushrooms, caramelized onions, Skyhill goat cheese, herbs

SHRIMP + GRITS smoked tasso ham, trinity, two poached Silver Sky Ranch eggs

ALBONDIGAS SOUP tomatillo chicken broth, cilantro

DISTEFFANO BURRATA apricot mostarda, Prosciutto di Parma, arugula, grilled country bread

wilted KALE SALAD Skyhill goat cheese, chiogga beets, pickled onion, bacon, pugliese croutons, mustard vinaigrette

BING CHERRY SALAD mixed lettuces, feta, hazelnuts, balsamic viniagrette

MACRO BOWL organic quinoa, chickpeas, beets, sauteed kale, pickled vegetables, mushroom broth, miso dressing

zoe’s SPICY SALAMI + TURKEY SANDWICH provolone, lemon aioli, red onion, arugula on ciabatta roll served with mixed local greens or fries

seared HALIBUT NICOISE mixed greens, roasted peppers, fingerlings, taggiasca olives, snap peas, french breakfast radishes, saffron aioli

s i d e s

Fresh Fruit Bowl

House Baked Pastry

Local Bakery Toast butter + preserves

House Made Bagel butter + preserves or cream cheese

Zoe’s Nitrate-Free Applewood Smoked Bacon

Panizzera Meat Co. Breakfast Sausage

Fingerling Potato + Vegetable Hash

V e g g i e s

crispy Kennebec Fries Sofa sauce

mixed County Line lettuces lemon, olive oil

County Line Farms baby carrots orange, thyme, almonds

braised Beans + Greens garlic, chili flake, olive oil

spinster P A N T R Y

marinated Lucques Olives

Spinster Pantry Pickles

kimchi + bacon Deviled Egg

Spiced Nuts maple, rosemary, cayenne

smoked Trout DIP salmon caviar, pickled fresno chilies, bagel chips

country-style pork terrine pickled shallots, wholegrain mustard, grilled bread