The Spinster Sisters' chef Liza Hinman uses the bounty of expertly grown and crafted ingredients found in Sonoma County to create an evolving menu of original dishes inspired by flavors and traditions from around the world.

Chef Liza Hinman

Liza Hinman, The Spinster Sister’s Chef and partner, has been part of the Sonoma County restaurant community since 2004. The Spinster Sisters is Chef Hinman’s current project. Located in the SOFA district of Santa Rosa, CA, the restaurant opened in 2012. The menu focuses on “Sonoma County Cuisine” – bringing a fresh example of New American dining to Santa Rosa. Awarded with both local and critical accolades, including the Bohemian’s Best Restaurant in Sonoma County in 2017 and 2018, The Spinster Sisters is now entering its 9th year of operation- and continues to be at the forefront of the dining scene in Sonoma County.

Chef Hinman is a mother to three young children, and resides with her husband, Joe Stewart of The Downtown Bakery, in Healdsburg, in Northern Sonoma County.

– The Astro –


In 2017, Liza and the partners in The Spinster Sisters renovated and opened The Astro, a mid-century modern motel located on Santa Rosa Avenue. The Astro embraces the same brand of hospitality established at The Spinster Sisters- with a deep focus on the neighborhoods and experiences of Sonoma County. She is also currently working on developing the “Spinster Pantry”- a line of food products and retail items based on the cuisine of The Spinster Sisters.




For reservations please visit The Astro or call (707) 200 – 4655.