Dinner Reservations


Tuesday – Thursday 5pm – 9pm
Friday + Saturday 5pm – 9:30 pm

Groups of up to 12 guests:
Reservations are available through RESY , or by phone at (707) 528-7100. (We do not take reservations for groups less than 13 via email)

Large Groups and Buyout Inquiries:
We can accommodate parties of 13 and greater by prior reservation – please contact us via email OR phone: admin@thespinstersisters.com or 707-528-7100.  We offer pre-set dinner menus- and these are an option for groups of 12-15, and required for groups of 16 or more.

Garden Reservations:
All garden reservations are dependent upon the weather, and they may be canceled or re-booked if we are unable to open the garden due to rain or smoke. We will do our best to find a space in the dining room if requested- but this is not guaranteed.

We look forward to welcoming you in!

Make your reservations here!